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Hey    there    you.    My    name    is    Caden,    and    I've    been professionally    composing    music    for    the    last    eight years.    My    work    has    been    used    in    video    games, promotional   media,   local   commercials,   short   films,   and my own albums as I release them. You'll   find   I'm   a   huge   fan   of   anime,   video   games,   sci-fi entertainment,   and   generally   being   a   giant   nerd.   I   also thought    the    ending    to    Lost    was    bogus,    think    that George   Lucas   should've   left   the   Emperor   scream-less whilst    being    tossed,    and    look    forward    to    the    day everyone   realizes   just   how   awesome   (read:   superior) PCs are for gaming. So   that's   who   I   am,   but   what   about   my   music?   Well, aside   from   throwing   things   at   you   to   listen   to,   I   enjoy creating   a   wide   variety   of   genres   of   music.   Everything from   electronic   dance,   epic   cinematic,   string   quartet, emotional    piano,    film    noir,    are    just    a    few    random colors   of   music   I   enjoy   creating.   The   ability   to   recreate and   bring   a   fresh   musical   style   into   well   established genres   of   music   is   a   passion   of   mine,   and   I   don't   know about   you   but   I'm   tired   of   hearing   the   same   typical cinematic/epic   sounds   for   games   when   so   much   more innovation   can   be   had.   After   all,   the   possibilities   of music are endless.